Software for Bayes Marginal Model Plots


All the functions needed are in the zipped files below. Latest version: 1.3 (September 2002).

Save the appropriate zipped file (UNIX/Linux users will probably want the gz files, Windows users the zip files), unzip, and source() to load the functions. To always have the functions available without cluttering up your workspace, do the following:


Example Data

The data for the examples are available here:

To use these data sets with the user's manual or the script files above, save them to a data subdirectory of your usual working directory. (Note that these have been changed from ".dat" files to ".txt" files to avoid browser security issues.)

The gibbs.gam object (ggnaph) and BUGS/BOA object (boawbcd) discussed in the user's manual are available here (note that ggnaph is only available for S-PLUS on UNIX/Linux):

The script file for running the BUGS example in the User's Manual is available here: umwbcdodc

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