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Woken by roars

September 13, 2012

This morning we weren't woken by the usual plethora of noises - the church bells, the yapping dogs, the firecrackers set off by the farmers to scare away the birds.  No what woke us this morning was a series of loud, deep, rumbling roars coming from four lions - a male, a female, and two cubs - camped out in the field next to our hostal.  In case this seems a little far-fetched, here's a photo of the male:

Circus Lion

The circus has come to town and is setting up within view of our room.  The lions are the star attraction and when school was over today a swarm of children congregated by the fence surrounding the circus field mesmerized by them.  Of course it goes without saying that wild animals in circuses are deplorable.  But it would be a lie to say it's not a little thrilling to be living in such close proximity to four lions.  And how can we possibly deny Bethany and Sierra the chance to go to see an old-fashioned circus.  We'll be going tomorrow or Saturday.