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Waiting for our flight to Lima

July 6, 2012

After three flights yesterday (starting in Victoria, then stops in Calgary and Chicago, arriving in Fort Lauderdale around 12:30am), we've got a relatively light travel day today, just the one flight to Lima.  Everyone's overjoyed to be waiting around in another airport:

Tanya, Bethany, and Sierra in Fort Lauderdale Airport

We had a little panic earlier today too (well I had a little panic).  I was just checking our U.S. bank account online and noticed that the funds from a large cheque I'd recently deposited - money we were relying on for our trip - were nowhere to be found.  After some frantic phone calls I figured out what had happened, but this was the last thing we needed minutes before we were to leave from our hotel for the airport.  Luckily (!) our flight to Lima has been delayed by 2 hours, so it has all worked out for the best.  Next stop - the Miraflores Inn in Lima, who are obligingly sending a van to pick us up from the airport when we arrive after midnight.

It has been a very long day today waiting around in this airport.  I'm not looking forward to getting off another plane at midnight.


Yesterday during the last flight before we landed, it was really pretty when I looked down at all the lights in the city - it looked like they were all in a pattern.


We had a nice relaxing time on Vancouver Island with Catherine, Brian, and MaryAnn.  It was good to have a vacation before our vacation.  We washed off our travels so far in the hotel pool today.  Now, we're about to leave on our last flight for a while.