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Volunteer teaching

November 21, 2012

We're in the thick of three weeks of volunteer teaching in Nebaj now.  I'm doing computer and cooking classes while Tanya is doing English classes for both children and adults.

Simon Says "Touch Your Nose"

The cooking classes are for the restaurant that the group will be opening shortly.  A chef is coming from the U.S. in a few weeks to teach them to prepare Indian main courses so I'm showing them some simple baked goods.  Two challenges are the limited ingredients and equipment available here, but so far we've successfully made bread, cookies, and carrot cake.  If we can find chocolate we'll try brownies tomorrow.  Bethany and Sierra have been helping in the English and cooking classes.

I've also been helping to update the group's laptop computers and to eliminate the plethora of viruses most of them are infected with.  I wonder if the bozos that write these viruses would be at all bothered by the knowledge that their actions have prevented this organization - who cannot afford to pay for computer assistance - from being able to use their computers to help their community.  It's dispiriting how long it is taking to undo the damage to those computers that I can fix, while some of the computers are beyond my limited ability to repair them.  Thank goodness for freely available antivirus software.