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Some questions answered

December 27, 2012

Q: Who would win in a race between bus drivers from Peru, Guatemala, and Belize?
A: The Peruvian bus driver since he is able to make his bus go a little bit faster by honking his horn every few seconds.

Q: How many people can you fit in a collectivo (public minibus)?
A: One more than there is currently, no matter how full.

Q: How much does a taxi cost?
A: Twice as much as the guidebook says.

Q: Which are itchier, mosquito bites or bed bug bites.
A: Bed bug bites since they typically come in threes.

Q: How can hostels best annoy their guests?
A: By charging extra for children not needing an extra bed, claiming lukewarm showers are hot, and serving fruit loops, freeze-dried toast, and instant coffee for the included breakfast.

Q: What is the most annoying late night/early morning noise?
A: Tie between barking dogs, crowing roosters, fireworks, and pounding stereos.

Q: What is the most well-known quality of Canada among Latin Americans?
A: It's cold.

Q: What is the hardest thing to readjust to on returning to Canada?
A: Tie between being able to rinse your toothbrush under the tap and remembering to chuck used toilet paper in the toilet instead of the trashcan.