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Sierra’s field trip to Chahuaytire

September 5, 2012

Today Dada and I went with my class to see some rock paintings.  First we went in a very crowded combi for about twenty minutes on a very windy road.  Then we went on a short trail to a stream and from there we walked up another trail and through some trees.  Then we saw a large rock and on the rock there were some small paintings.  The paintings were of llamas and people and other animals.

Renee Explaining About The Chahuaytire Rock Painting

Then we went back to the stream to have lunch.  At the stream a boy in my class found a dead cat fish about the size of your finger.  Then we hiked back to the car.  Then we drove back to Pisac and went to a museum (while Dada went back to the hostal).  At the museum there were pictures of Pisac and other artifacts.  And also there were three mummies and three human skulls.  Then my class said our goodbye verse and walked home.  But I didn't quite know the way home.  So, one of the children from my class led me half of the way.  Then I went back to the hostal but Mama and Dada were not there.  So, Lily, the hostal manager opened our room for me and I put my backpack inside and then she asked if I wanted to stay here or go back to the school.  I wanted to go back to the school, so Lily walked me up to the school.  And then she waited there with me until school was over.  And then Mama and Dada came back and we went to have lunch.