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Saqsaywaman, Q’enqo, Puka Pukara, and Tambomachay

October 23, 2012

Today we went on a day trip to the four Incan ruins closest to Cusco: Saqsaywaman, Q'enqo, Puka Pukara, and Tambomachay.  We caught a bus to the site closest to Pisac, Tambomachay, and then walked towards Cusco from one site to the next.  With exploring the ruins, picnicking along the way, and taking a little bit of an unnecessary detour, this took us most of the day. After all the Incan ruins we've seen during our time in Peru, some tourist fatigue must be setting in because we were all a little jaded with today's sites.  That's not to say that parts of Saqsaywaman weren't pretty impressive.