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Llachon – Taquile

July 22, 2012

Before we left Valentin and Lucila's guesthouse, they wanted us to dress up in some local clothing.

Dress-up time with Valentin and Lucila

We then traveled in a small fishing boat with two local women to Isla Taquile.  The journey was slow and long, and unfortunately Bethany had come down with a slight upset stomach so she wasn't able to avoid losing her breakfast (Sierra too since we'd left her sea-bands in Puno with the rest of our luggage).  Fortunately, the kindly Delfin (a local man whom Valentin had contacted on our behalf) was at the dock to meet us and escort us to his home, where we were to spend the night.  We had to walk about three or four kilometres, mostly uphill, and Bethany was in pretty poor shape by this time.  Eventually we made it after many stops and carrying Bethany for part of the way.  Sierra and I went exploring while Tanya and Bethany rested, and we were again treated to a simple, nourishing meal for dinner in the evening.