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Last day of school

October 19, 2012

Yesterday was the girl's last day at Kusi Kawsay.  More details to follow but here are some pictures in the meantime.

Bethany and Professora Jessica
Sierra and Profesora Rosaura

I brought cake to share with my class, and cards. Everyone also made cards for me and four people brought presents for me like: a doll from Noria, a necklace from Ruth, a watch from Miska, and a llama and a sheep from Washington. After lunch we took a taxi up to the Pisac ruins. There are probably more ruins here than there are at Machu Picchu. After we wanted to walk down another way but when we got to the end of the trail it ended in someone's yard and it had a locked gate. A man saw us and told us we had to go back up where we had come from but instead when he went away we climbed over his fence. Then we went to a restaurant where I had pumpkin ravioli in browned butter and walnut sauce.