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It’s good to be home

December 31, 2012

We arrived home on Saturday after a two-hour ferry and ten-hour drive from Vancouver Island.  The drive was particularly long because we'd forgotten to put our winter tires on our car before we left (it was June!), so we had to drive particularly cautiously over the snowy passes.  We carried chains as a precaution but didn't end up having to use them.  It's strange to be back in Nelson again after being away for so long, but it sure is nice - we wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

If you've been a regularly reader, I hope you've enjoyed our blog.  I'll make one last post with some thoughts and words of advice for anyone feeling inspired to do something similar.  I'll end now with a plea for donations.  Please consider making a monetary contribution to either Kusi Kawsay, the Peruvian school that Bethany and Sierra attended from August to October, or Grupos de Mujeres y Hombres por la Paz, the Guatemalan community organization that we volunteered with in November.  As a suggestion, one way to honour the incredible work being done by either organization would be to make a donation of $1 for each of the 60 or so blog entries we've written.  Your generous donations can go a long way in Peru and Guatemala.  Of course, if you've been amazed and astounded at the sheer literary genius of our writing and swooned at the gorgeous photos, donations of more than $1 per blog entry would be very welcome too.  Details of how to donate are available at both the websites linked above.  If this is something you are able to do, thank you!