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Hiking in the Canon del Colca

July 16-17, 2012

Hiked down to Sangalle, known as the oasis, at the bottom of the canyon, about a 1400 m change in elevation.  It was tough going on the knees as it was extremely steep and rocky, but given the scenery a pretty good hike.  Nonetheless, we were very glad to reach our accommodation for the night, a basic "bungalow" at Paraiso Las Palmeras.  After the bare rock and cacti of the canyon walls, the lush plants and trees here are a surprising contrast.

Relaxing at Sangalle

We spent the rest of the day swimming in the chilly pool, lounging on the enormous rock around which the pool is built, lying in hammocks, playing a bit of volleyball and footy, and exploring.  In the evening we were provided with a simple soup and pasta meal.

We hiked back up to Cabanaconde the following morning, which was pretty tough going given the altitude but seemed easier than hiking down the previous day.  Since Pachamama's was full, we checked into the more expensive La Posada del Conde  but this turned out to be a blessing as they provided towels (something we neglected to pack) and we were all much in need of a hot shower.