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First day of school

August 6, 2012

It was the first day of school at Kusi Kawsay for Bethany and Sierra today.

First Day of School

At school first I went into my classroom with my teacher, Professora Rosaura, and read a book in Spanish.  Then I wrote and drew a picture.  At recess I played with a girl on the monkey bars and rope swing.  Also we played "spiders and flies."  At another recess I played tag with a few children.  We ate snack outside.  There were twelve children in my class (grade 3/4) today.


First we lined up at the door, then when the bell sounded we went into the classroom after shaking the teacher's hand (my teacher is Professora Jessica).  Then we passed a crocheted ball filled with beans among one another.  After some lessons we went outside with our snacks and to play.  There are five girls and three boys in my class (grade 5/6).  At recess I played with all the girls, including tag and dodge-ball with beanbags.