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Day trip to Urubamba

August 5, 2012

We went on the bus to Urubamba (45 minutes away) for the day.  There was a pleasant little "Ecofair" happening in the Plaza de Armas, not unlike markets in our home town of Nelson.  We also visited the local market, which had a huge amount and variety of food available.

Urubamba Market

We stocked up on a bunch of staples, including beans, rice, quinoa, flour (corn, quinoa, and kiwicha), coffee, pasta pura de cacao (chocolate for making into a drink), herbs, and spices.  We even got some seaweed and locally-made tofu (from a stall at the ecofair) for soup later.  When we got back to Pisac - after riding on a rather over-stuffed bus - we had a wonderful dinner of Japanese-style seaweed and tofu soup, freshly made croutons, and hot chocolate made with the pasta pura de cacao.