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October 30, 2012

Today we spent a relaxing day wandering around the markets in Antigua.  We bought some interesting fruit, including lychees, some small oval green/red/yellow fruits with a thin skin, large pit, and sweet, slightly chalky yellow flesh, and some large brown fruits that resemble a potato from the outside but have a texture like a ripe pear on the inside and a very sweet taste.  We also bought some freshly made tortillas (both regular yellow corn ones and black corn ones), refried beans, and salsa.  For a dessert we bought a selection of hand-made candies and cookies, including some great fudge.

No-one felt too inclined to visit any specific tourist sites but we're planning to return to Antigua in a month's time when we can be a bit more adventurous.  Tomorrow we're catching an early bus to Lake Atitlan, although not a "chicken bus" (old, repainted U.S. school bus) like the ones below (at least, not as far as we know).  So it's early to bed now.

Chicken Buses and Volcano, Antigua