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Mathematics for Elementary Teachers by Iain Pardoe, Pressbooks, 2023 contains supplementary learning resources for students taking or preparing to take a post-secondary “mathematics for elementary teachers” course. The resources focus on how to solve many of the basic arithmetic problems typically encountered in elementary school.

The learning resources included in this free book include:

  • Notes that explain in simple language the techniques covered in “mathematics for elementary education” courses and how to solve related problems;
  • Short instructional videos with tips on applying the techniques and solving problems;
  • Practice exercises for each technique that provide immediate feedback.

Since 2015, I've written blog posts on movies playing at Nelson's Civic Theatre:

In 2005, I developed a statistical model to predict the winners of the main four categories in the annual Academy Awards (Oscars): Best Picture, Director, Lead Actor, and Lead Actress. Since then, I've published three research articles discussing this work and continue to use the model to predict these four Oscar winners each year. The predictions and links to the research articles are available here.

Applied Regression Modeling by Iain Pardoe, Wiley, 3rd edition, 2020 offers a concise, comprehensive treatment of the application of statistical regression analysis suitable for undergraduate and graduate students. It covers simple linear regression, multiple linear regression, model building, and advanced regression topics. The book's overall approach is strongly based on an abundant use of illustrations, examples, graphics, and case studies. It develops regression methods in an intuitive fashion so that a strong mathematical background is not needed to master the material.

The website for the book includes the preface, table of contents, information on ordering the book, data files for the examples and problems, information on major statistical software packages that can be used with the book, presentation slides, instructional videos, quizzes, information on obtaining a solutions manual for all the problems in the book, and additional problems not included in the book.