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The following comments were made by students in August 2012, after taking an online course on regression that I taught using "Applied Linear Regression, 2nd edition."

  • I found Dr. Pardoe's text book quite informative and insightful. I've taken many other stats courses where regression was taught but I've never seem a text with the kind of depth and clarity that this book provides.
  • Professor Pardoe's book was excellent. Very clear and well explained. Also, the book's website has a wealth of very useful information and instructions on how to use the software.
  • The text is really good and the online guide of software operation is also very helpful. This is very practical and ready to apply to daily business. The text and the guide is so good that I don't have to raise any question on the discussion board at all.
  • The textbook is really good, with a lot of examples and exercises. The instructions provided for several programming languages (SAS, R) were really useful, and helped a lot with completing the homework.
  • As a political science student I had taken a quantitative methods course using Gelman and Hill's book. While I was able to pass the course, I felt like I only got a superficial understanding of what was going on ("low p-values good, high p-values bad"), and many times the more complex ideas went right over my head. Dr. Pardoe's course has helped fill in the gaps in my knowledge as well as positioning me for greater understanding of the more complex models (logit, GLM, multi-level, etc).
  • I think the text was very well written and designed for someone who was going to go through it on their own.
  • The textbook is well written, the sample data to work with was very helpful, and the computer help document is something I will be returning to in the future.
  • Iain's books is very well written.
  • I find the concepts nicely explained and I appreciate that the math was kept to a minimum.
  • I liked the text and found the course was well designed.