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  • Page 17, line 5 from the top of the page, where it says "In other words, we have found that the lower bound ...," it should say "upper" instead of "lower."
  • Page 29: "quarterback salaries" should be "guard salaries."
  • Page 49: in Figure 2.8 "SSE" should be "RSS."
  • Page 57: in the bulleted paragraph about lower-tail tests, "conclude that the sample data favor a positive slope" should be "conclude that the sample data favor a negative slope."
  • Page 107: in the sentence, "Since the global-F-statistic of 0.472 ...," it should say "nested F-statistic."
  • Page 126: change "for total shipment weights of 2,000-10,000 pounds" to "for total shipment weights of 2,800-8,100 pounds."
  • Page 177: in the regression equation, there should be a plus sign after the intercept (1.994) instead of an equals sign.
  • Page 305: RMSE under the first model should be 0.772, while RMSE under the second model should be 0.733.

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  • Section 4.2: An incorrect t-statistic appears for the interaction test in the SALES1 example. It should be "t-statistic = (b3-hat - b3) / sb3-hat = (-0.126 - 0) / 0.039 = -3.26."