Applied Regression Modeling, 2nd edition
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Applied Regression Modeling, 2nd edition

by Iain Pardoe

Presentation slides

The following links contain prepared slides that cover most of the material in the book. The links labeled "presentation" are PowerPoint-style PDF files suitable for projecting onto a screen in class. When using the slides, use "Control-L" to start and click the mouse or use the "page down" key to proceed. A navigation menu at the side allows you to jump around if you wish, while clicking on the title of any slide takes you to a black screen (so you can do blackboard work, say)—click on the black screen to go back to where you left off. The links labeled "handout" are re-formatted to be suitable for printing; they contain exactly the same information as the presentation slides in a more compact, black and white form.

  1. Foundations
    1. Sections 1.1-1.4: presentation and handout
    2. Sections 1.5-1.7: presentation and handout
  2. Simple linear regression
    1. Sections 2.1-2.3: presentation and handout
    2. Sections 2.4-2.7: presentation and handout
  3. Multiple linear regression
    1. Sections 3.1-3.3.2: presentation and handout
    2. Sections 3.3.3-3.3.5: presentation and handout
    3. Sections 3.4-3.6: presentation and handout
  4. Regression model building I
    1. Section 4.1: presentation and handout
    2. Sections 4.2-4.3: presentation and handout
  5. Regression model building II
    1. Sections 5.1-5.2: presentation and handout
    2. Sections 5.3-5.5: presentation and handout
  6. Case studies - coming soon
  7. Extensions - coming soon

These slides were prepared using Hendri Adriaens' Powerdot presentation class for LaTeX. You will need Adobe Reader (freely available here) to view the PDF files.


Last updated: May, 2006

© 2006, Iain Pardoe